New Politics - Politics for the Future


What is New Politics?

How is it different from current politics? Who is creating it? How does it work? What are its principles and tools? And how can I be a part of it?
We have asked these questions to ourselves and others over a period of three years. We have created this page in order to share our learnings and offer what we found.

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During our research and work on New Politics we met many inspiring Pioneers of Politics.

They all approach politics in different and unique ways - and they are reshaping politics from multiple perspectives.

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In order to practice New Politics it is important to relate to ourselves and each other in a different way.

We discovered a variety of approaches that can help us when engaging. There are approaches that serve us on the inner, capabilities we all have and may want to rediscover. There are tools that can support our work in groups and tools that can help us to make sense of the world.

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New Politics starts within.

One common thread we discovered throughout the different themes of our research is, that the way in which we as individuals are in life - our being - is of essential importance for everything we engage with.

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How can we think about New Politics?

The longing for a more holistic - "integral" - way of being dates back to the beginnings of humanity. The term “integral” is not new; it was coined in the early 20th century for describing a newly emerging structure of consciousness and of understanding the world.

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What would a political system that serves people, communities and the planet look like?

During the course of the LiFT-project we have done a survey asking participants: "What would a political system that serves people, communities and the planet look like?" The core result was that politics should go deeper, wider and look at longer timespans. However there were also some emerging themes that people have different opinions about.

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